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Tah dah….this is me: Delia! Do you prefer the cartoon character on this clip? I do too!!

I feel flattered, excited, happy, fortunate, jolly, ecstatic, over the moon, chuffed, thankful, cheerful,… because you've landed on my website and because you are witnessing the birth of SPANISH NO PANIC - ONLINE SPANISH TUITION for English-speaking AS and Alevel students. After many years teaching Spanish at British colleges (and many more at institutions in Spain), I'm going solo. I'm looking forward to helping you get your Spanish mojo back and stand out as you deserve.  Let me apply my experience, knowledge and expertise to UPGRADE YOUR SPANISH and UPGRADE YOUR FUTURE. 


AS/Alevel courses taught since 2011


AS/Alevel students taught since 2011


A*, As and Bs achieved by my students since 2011


Cs and Ds achieved by my students since 2011

ALevel Spanish

Online private tuition for British students of AS and ALevel Spanish.

Online preparation for your Uni interview (Oxbridge, etc)

Spanish homestay and tuition.

Because you...

...love Spanish and don't deserve to be turned down due to your grades.

...still can't understand why your hard work isn't paying off.

...will receive prompt marking and feedback of your work.

...won't be left alone and will receive updates, links, articles or exercises regularly.

...will receive booklets, materials and study guides created by me.

...will feel that your dream studies at your dream Uni become a reality.

... have experienced that your teacher can't devote the individual time or support for you to get high grades.

...won't have to pay for expensive accommodation and lessons in Spain or commute to a private tutor's house.

...can pick the times that suit you best.

...will find neither a Spanish school, nor a private teacher that can adapt to your needs and contents like I do.

...will work hard (and so will I) but it will pay off.

...will feel that you are really making progress.

...need to upgrade the language that more and more people speak every day!

... language learner, are already a star and your CV will stand out.

...will travel a great distance and you'll gain worthwhile knowledge.

Because I...

...love Spanish.

...have the qualifications, knowledge, experience and expertise.

...am a native Spanish teacher and proficient in English.

...will go the extra mile for YOU.

...know what learning and teaching a language is.

...will narrow the gaps.

...will send you the learning resources  created specifically for your needs.

...have conducted my own speaking exams and received excellent feedback from exam boards.

...am training/ updating my knowledge/ skills constantly.

...have prepared students for Oxbridge interviews.

...am aware of how crucial your Spanish exam is, how much you need a high grade and how stressful it gets.

...have taught all levels, all ages, all course types… You name it!

...will adapt to your needs, pace and personal routine.

...have been given excellent feedback by classroom observers and students alike.

...will mark your work and give you feedback promptly.

...have an incredible amount of sample materials.

...speak Atlantic Spanish, easier to pronounce by Brits and 100% welcome by all exam boards.


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